Christ the King Foundation 

The Christ the King Foundation was established in 1989 to provide funds for educational, charitable, and religious programs to support missions locally and globally. Funds also help the church meet new challenges and opportunities that are not met by the annual budget. Grants have helped many organizations including:


Understanding the Foundation

Foundation trustees, appointed by the congregation council, have the financial responsibility to preserve donated gifts and to make careful investment decisions which will annually produce earnings.  It is with these investments, the foundation can bring support to new and innovative programs to continue on God’s Mission.

The Christ the King Foundation continues to work diligently to ensure that donations are used as requested by the benefactor. By doing so, we proudly represent the legacy of these donors through local and global actions.

Foundation Board


Gary Floss
Steve Zenz
Marlys Melius
Krista Grosse Phil Larsen
Bruce Langager Darin Zielsdorf
Rita Kenyon  Scott Black


Foundation Forms


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