Faith Steps provide opportunity to bring God’s presence into the home and connect the rituals of daily life with the life of the congregation.


These steps support and affirm the work that families and parents do in sharing and celebrating faith traditions with God's children of all ages.  


With water and God’s word, this Faith Step celebrates God naming and claiming someone as a child of God, a brother and sister in Christ, who is forgiven and promised eternal life.


Welcome to Sunday School

Three-year-old students entering Sunday School for the first time are invited to meet their teacher and explore Christ the King and their classroom in a relaxed, friendly setting before Sunday school begins.



Prayer is how we talk to and listen for God. This Faith Step for first grade students and their families celebrates the gift of prayer and provides an educational opportunity for the different ways we can pray.


My First Bible

The Bible is God’s Holy Word. At baptism parents and sponsors, along with our church, promise to place in hands of the baptized the Holy Scriptures. This third grade Faith Step gives each student their own Bible as act of their baptismal promises.


First Communion 

The fifth grade Faith Step includes instruction around the sacramental gift of Holy Communion. Students and their parents attend a three-hour class about what communion is, why we celebrate the sacrament, and then bake communion bread to share with our worshipping community.


Welcome to Confirmation 

This Faith Step happens for youth as they begin Confirmation class, service, and fellowship. It honors the youth as they transition into being teenagers who are eager to learn, question, and wonder about God and our Lutheran traditions.


Affirmation of Baptism 

Confirmation is when a youth affirms their Christian faith. It is the affirmation of their baptismal promises. This Faith Step signifies someone’s desire to follow Christ as an adult member of the church.


High School Graduation 

High school graduates and their families have a lot to celebrate! This Faith Step recognizes their step from being youth to becoming young adults as they leave high school and enter college or the workforce.

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