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Interested in joining the CtK council? Let us know by sending an email to anyone of the Executive Committee. We would be more then happy to answer any questions.


Pastor Peter Hanson, Lead Pastor

Mark Chace, President


The CtK Council also keeps an active blog that seeks to promote transparency, dialogue, and collaboration between CtK members and leadership. 


Congregation Council

Annual Meeting Minutes

2017 Annual Meeting Minutes: Part I 
Includes Adoption of Budget for Ministry, Council and Committee Elections, and Constitution/By-Law Updates

2016 Annual Meeting Minutes: Part I 
Includes Adoption of Budget for Ministry

2015 Annual Meeting Minutes: Part I
Includes Adoption of Budget for Ministry

2015 Annual Meeting Minutes: Part II 
Includes reports of CtK ministries and programs

Meeting Minutes

Click below to download a PDF copy of the minutes from meetings of the Congregation Council. Minutes are generally updated within the week of a council meeting. The meeting meets every third Tuesday of the month. 

April 2017
March 2017

February 2017
January 2017
   Special Meeting of Constitutional Updates (Jan. 15, 2017)

December 2016
November 2016
October 2016
September 2016

No minutes for July and August. 
June 2016

May 2016

April 2016

March 2016
February 2016
January 2016
   2016 Approved Budget *
   *All financial statements are password protected. Please call the church office (651-633-4674) to obtain password for financial documents.

December 2015

November 2015
   Meeting to elect Associate Pastor Call Committee (Nov. 15, 2015)
   Associate Pastor position description
October 2015

September 2015

July 2015

May 2015

April 2015
      About KAIROS (PDF), referenced in the April 2015 minutes. 
March 2015

February 2015
January 2015


For minutes that go back further, please contact the church office at 651-633-4674.