Global Mission Sunday 2017: Sunday, April 30

“Our God Is on a Mission, and That Mission Is Global!”

Each year, the Global Mission Team invites you to a special morning of worship to celebrate our vibrant connections and friendships with the people of Tanzania. We are delighted to announce that Pastor Medson Chengula and his wife Maka will visit us for over a week. Pastor Medson will be the guest preacher at both services on April 30. He and Pastor Peter Hanson will collaborate on the children’s sermon.

Pastor Medson has been the pastor of our companion congregation, Nduli Parish, Iringa Diocese, southern Tanzania, since November 2013. After receiving his divinity degree, he is excited to be in his first long-term assignment as a pastor. Maka has a bachelor’s degree in cultural anthropology and tourism and a master’s degree in human resource management. They are the proud parents of Samuel who’s staying in Tanzania with grandparents.

In addition to listening to our guest preacher in worship, the Global Mission Team has arranged many ways for you to participate on April 30:
Pastor Medson-Maka-Samuel
Enjoy Visiting with the Chengulas at 9:30 SALT
We will have an informal question and answer time with Pastor Medson and Maka during our SALT time. They may share stories of their recent Easter celebration in Nduli and how it might have differed from ours. (Hint: There was probably much more dancing.) The entire congregation is welcome to attend this gathering. Think about what questions you might have for our guests.

Dress Globally
Dress Globally
On Global Mission Sunday, many at CtK will be wearing African clothing to celebrate our mission partners in Tanzania and beyond. All are encouraged to wear clothing from your global experiences to remind one another of God’s love throughout the world.

Bazaar Shopping 
Shop at the Tanzanian Bazaar in the Fireside Room
At the Tanzanian Bazaar, you will find baskets, textiles, clothing, jewelry, carved animals, home décor, and more. All items have been created by Tanzanian artisans and purchased by our Tanzanian travelers to bring home to you. The proceeds of the Bazaar will be returned to Global Mission projects in Tanzania.

Support Education in Tanzania
As always on Global Mission Sunday, we invite your generous participation in raising scholarship funds for students in Tanzania.  Education is highly valued by our Tanzanian brothers and sisters. By helping to educate one person, we can change ten to fifteen more people’s lives for the better. Through Bega Kwa Bega and Operation Bootstrap Africa, our financial gifts are wisely managed and always appreciated. A special envelope will be available for your gift.

Global Mission Prayer:
Dear God, we celebrate your mission in our world with our services, our celebrations, and our gifts. Please be with Pastor Medson and Maka Chengula as they travel to Minnesota and home again. Bless their time with us, and help us all to learn from one another. Send your special blessings to the people in our companion congregation, Nduli Parish. Be with the young Tanzanian students we are striving to educate so that they can be leaders in your world. We pray in the name of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen.

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