Returning to Christikon

This year, we are excited to bring back the week-long adventure trip to the mountains of Montana through Christikon Lutheran Bible Camp. We asked some of our members who attended these early trips to share what they remembered most from these experiences.

Kristine Frost Christikon

“Christikon was a fabulous experience for me,” said CtK member and recent Council Secretary, Kristine Frost. “I went with my church group but also made friends from other churches that were very meaningful to me. The bonfires were amazing and the views were spectacular. I would highly recommend Christikon!”

In the early 1990’s, member and resident muralist Jenny Popp recalls a couple of moose encounters on her Christikon adventure. “On one of the overnights, we all heard something in the middle of the night, and I vaguely remember everyone saying a moose had wandered through our camp. I’m not sure of the truth in that, but I do remember hiking up towards a lone cabin in the woods, and a moose was hanging out just beyond it. It surprised all of us.”

Whether for the blazing bonfires, spectacular views, or potential moose sightings, make sure to register for this amazing adventure amid God’s creation.

Register for Christikon by March 15
Youth in grades 9-12 are invited to register for this week-long backpacking trip. The trip is scheduled for July 11-19.

Please contact Director of Youth and Family Ministry Steve Fischer at steve@lifeatctk.org with questions.