First Update from Ghana and Liberia

Willie Johnson has officially arrived to Ghana and sends this first update to the community of CtK. Willie is a member of Christ the King who moved to the United States 26 years ago, after living most of his life in a refugee camp in Ghana.

Read Willie's full story (Originally published in the January 2017 issue of the Herald)


"As I continue to listen to His voice, returning to my roots has been a successful venture thus far. I arrived safely by His grace and was able to help feed some refugees. It was hard going through this experience as I sat there reliving that moment of my life. Nevertheless, I was able to help with all of the CtK assistance.

"As I prepared to leave for Liberia tomorrow by God's grace, I asked that someone please help in carrying for a family of four with a monthly payment of $100 for 12 months. This will enable a striving and struggling family to get medical insurance, send a kid to school, and put food on their table. Life has made a 360 degree turn as Liberian refugees are all striving without any help from the UN/Ghanian Government. I can be reached at 763-232-9623 or williejohnson5510@yahoo.com.

"Thanks for all you do and I'll keep you updated with Liberia side of RETURNING TO MY ROOTS."

WillieJohnson_Ghana-5Willie Johnson (send at center, back row) with group of church members in refugee camp. 

Pallets of rice delivered to the church. 



Continue to watch the CtK blog and social media outlets for continued updates from Willie as returns to his roots.