Rethinking the block party

2016 Block Party

Over the years, what we now refer to as the block party has existed in many forms. It has been a ministry aimed at empowering members to get involved. It has been an opportunity for our neighbors to get to know our church and see if they could see themselves here. And most recently, it has been a gift to and celebration of our neighbors.

As we face the need for new leadership, it seems an appropriate time to reimagine what the next form of block party should be.

Join the discussion

The congregation is invited to an open discussion on the future of the CtK Block Party on Wednesday, Jan. 11 at 5:00 p.m. Together, we will consider questions such as:
  1. What is its purpose?
  2. Is it accomplishing that purpose?
  3. Are there alternatives that accomplish that purpose? 

All are welcome to join in the discussion.