Sound and Light Technician, Justin Buck, to leave CtK

Maybe you haven't noticed how smoothly things have been running in the Sanctuary Sound Loft on Sunday mornings since March of 2013, and that's because we've been blessed with the careful work of Justin Buck.JustinB-WEB

We are excited and sad to announce that Justin's last Sunday with us at Christ the King is this coming Sunday, Christmas Day, Dec. 25. We are excited because Justin has recently started in a new position as Audio Visual Coordinator with General Mills. Now is the perfect opportunity for Justin to have a little more free time on the weekends to spend with his lovely wife, Whitney, and their cute dog, Sterling.

We are sad to say goodbye (for now) because Justin has so often gone the extra mile, beyond the duties outlined in his job description, and beyond any of our expectations. He has developed numerous meaningful relationships with our youth, going on the youth musical tours, as well as with staff members and volunteers in our congregation, always providing a positive outlook.

Justin writes: "I would like to take a moment to thank you all for the knowledge and experience I have gained by working here. This job came about during an unstable point in my life, and I was grateful for the opportunity. I am very thankful for the time I have spent with the staff and congregation, and for all of the relationships I've built. It's been a pleasure working for you."

The pleasure really has been ours, Mr. Buck, and we cannot thank you enough.

If you do not get the chance to personally thank Justin on Sunday, please send notes or messages to the church office, and we will forward those onto him.

What's next?
Job postings and position descriptions have been submitted to local online job boards, with an application deadline set for Jan. 20, 2017. If you know of any interested candidates, please have them contact KC Gubrud, CtK Director of Operations at kc@lifeatctk.org.