2016 Christmas Concert: Christ our peace, breaker of walls

By Nate Crary, Director of Worship and MusicChrostmasConcert2016-graphic

Every Sunday in Advent we sing a song during communion that is new to Christ the King. Together, we sing, “Christ, our peace, you break down the walls that divide us. Christ, our peace, make us one body in you.” Even though this song might be new to your ears and voices, this prayer is not new to us as Christians. Inspired by Paul’s words, Marty Haugen (accomplished composer of liturgical music, including Holden Evening Prayer) references Ephesians 2:14, “For he is our peace; in his flesh he has made both groups into one and has broken down the dividing wall, that is, the hostility between us.”

We sing these words as we receive the Lord’s Supper because there are many walls that have been built between us, and there is hostility between groups. I see these walls and I feel this hostility every single Sunday at CtK. I see walls dividing us by race, family size, age, gender, years of membership, native language, city of residence, and school district. For me, this is both bewildering and painful, because every Sunday I see a group of beautifully messed up people who all really need each other and God. Bethlehem, too, was a wounded place on that first silent night. Still we anticipate a world where the walls that keep us in and keep us out are broken down so that we might experience restoration and be made one body in Christ.

Jesus is no stranger to messes and walls, as he was born in the broken city of Bethlehem. Jesus enters our world to meet us in our deepest needs, to live among us, and to give us peace and heal us, breaking open any walls that might keep us from living fully in community. We are ready to celebrate and receive the gift that is Jesus’ birth during this year’s Christmas Concert, entitled Christ Our Peace. You are invited to experience the love of Jesus, a love our world so desperately needs, this Christmas season.

NEW THIS YEAR: Concert will follow with soup supper

Volunteers have been busy preparing this wonderful new fellowship opportunity. Following this year’s Christmas Concert will be a light soup supper and dessert reception. Grab a cup of soup and enjoy the company of family and friends along with all the concert’s participants. A free will offering will be taken.

Dessert donations are needed. We are looking for cookies and bars on disposable plates or trays. To donate, contact event coordinator Gina Best Smith at gbest17401@gmail.com.