Local Mission Sunday: Telling our immigrant stories

WLMP2016-speakersith the exception of our American Indian brothers and sisters, we are all immigrants! Whether our family came to the United States 200 years or two days ago, most of us have an immigrant story to share. On Local Mission Sunday, Nov. 20, we invite you to come and hear the stories of recent and not-so-recent immigrants in worship and at Sunday Adult Learning Time (SALT).

Local Mission Partner Sunday is also Christ the King Sunday, which marks the start of a new church year. During the sermon, Pastor Peter will reference conversations with Cristo Rey Mission Developer Ana Becerra and a recent Latina immigrant about her story of how she came to this country and how belonging to CtK has impacted her journey. At SALT—offered between services at 9:30 a.m.—three more people will share their immigrant stories and help us all remember that we belong together in our search for community, safety, and a growing relationship with God.

There will also be an opportunity to make a special offering over and above our regular offerings to go to our work of Local Mission Partners. The purpose of Local Mission Partners is to engage in God’s Mission with the growing diversity and the minority and immigrant ministries of the Twin Cities. During the offering, we will see a video of thanks from Our Local Mission Partners: Latinos, Hmong, Chinese, Redeemer in North Minneapolis as well as Daily Work and Agora.

For more information about how you can be involved in this exciting  ministry, contact Vern Rice, chair Christ the King Local Mission Partners Team, vernrice2000@yahoo.com.