All-Congregation Night to explore “Stories of the Saints”

Wednesday, Nov. 2, 6:30 p.m.

Each year on Nov. 1, the church remembers all of the saints who have gone before us. But what is a saint? Paul describes the saints as “a great cloud of witnesses.” They are those people who have died but whose faith and love continue to illumine our paths, and who continue to make up the body of Christ to which we all belong.

For Martin Luther, all people are saints, not only the particularly remarkable ones who are canonized and whose pictures we find in churches. From Saint Francis to the person who taught you how to swim, all are saints whose vocations touched our lives in miraculous ways. Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, Sunday School teachers, spouses, auto mechanics, pastors, artists…everyone! By the power of God’s Spirit, the faith we share today is passed on by the saints who came before us, each and every one.


Join us Wednesday, Nov. 2
On this All-Congregation Night, members of every generation will be invited to share stories of the saints who have blessed our lives. You are invited to bring in pictures and other memorabilia that serve as memories to these beloved children of God. We will engage in creative activities that will help us to remember and honor all the saints.