Cienaños to lead worship on Sept. 25

, is a movement that has been shaped and turned into a music band by Gustavo and Leonardo Moreno, brothers who have created music since their childhood in the privacy of their home; this musical production has transcended from national to international scene.


In addition, they are founders of "La Casa de los Cienaños", a project which in essence, is to create alternative spaces and multicultural outreach, in order to promote and disseminate art in all its expression.

In 2006 they released their first single "Fire" and are currently working on a second piece, "Una Rolita de Paz", that promises to be explosive. They integrate Honduran guitarist Omar Mixco, based in Chicago, IL, the Master Jose Antonio Velázquez on keys, Carlos Umaña on bass guitar, Melvin Maldonado on percussion.

Bringing a mixture of jazz, funk, reggae, rap and trova, all layered in Latino roots, they provide an alternative purpose for being, and at the same time, give representation of a collective voice to nurture the existential needs through aesthetic appreciation. (Check out their single "La Rolita" for a taste of their sound.)

Hear about the mission of Cienaños during Sunday Adult Learning Time
After 8:30 a.m. worship during Sunday Adult Learning Time, join the band in the chapel as they comment on the deeper mission of their work, both in their home country of Honduras and around the world. 

"Coming from a small country where violence took over the streets, the rich get richer and the poor poorer," says guitarist Omar Mixco. "Watching the news and reading the newspapers and learning how hatred, division, desegregation and racism awakened in many cities, states and counties of your beloved nation; including our beloved Minnesota, Texas, Chicago, Arizona, and many countries of the world, France, Turkey, Bangladesh, and the list goes on and on, " continues Mixco. 

"Cienaños is challenging us with a message of peace, love and unity. A message where the Democrat can work with a Republican for their community. A message of questioning our Global duty and love to our neighbors and not competing who offers a hand of cheaper labor between Mexico and China?, Questions like, if can a liberal closed-minded person can share, work and give results with a conservative open-minded person?

"Our lyrics goes on and on with more invitations to build bridges in a world were opportunities can be for all of us with out differences of social status, gender, minority, skin color, people with limitations or people with privileges".

Enjoy lunch with Cienaños
After a fabulous morning of music led by Honduran musical group, Cienaños, join us for lunch following 11:30 a.m. worship. Lunch will feature delicious Latino food including tamales!

Please let us know if you plan to attend so that we can plan for food.
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