We belong together.

By Anne and Matthew van Bruggen, CtK Block Party Co-Chairs

Nothing could be more relevant than belonging together in light of recent events in our community. Christ the King is excited to host our 13th annual Block Party on Aug. 16 from 5:00-8:00 p.m. If you’ve never had the opportunity to attend before, please accept this your heartfelt invitation. If you have attended before, thank you and we hope to see you again.

Our hope is to fill our parking lot and church with members and non-members alike. It’s an evening to come together with no other agenda but to enjoy each other’s company, learn something new about each other, and make new friends.

Why attend?

Anne: In the beginning, it was a way for me to get involved. I volunteered for just an hour or so the night of the event and enjoyed getting to know other members. Over the years, I volunteered in different areas and have had fun participating with my husband and kids. It has also been fun seeing people I know outside of church come to the event. It adds a layer to our relationship that would have never happened without the Block Party.

One of my daughter’s best friends started coming to CtK with her family after attending the Block Party and now her mom has been a part of the Block Party committee for a few years. Another friend of mine came with her sons a few years ago. After her son saw the Unicycle Group, he quickly asked to try it and before you knew it, he was coming to practice with the group on Friday nights at CtK. This year, my hope is to share a little bit of myself with someone new, member or non-member. To show that kindness, respect, and love will help us be better together.

Matthew: I started helping with the Block Party back when my grandpa (Fred Bergsrud) was the chair of the committee and I would help him distribute flyers throughout the community. I also would volunteer to help with set-up and I loved doing the ticket booth back before the Block Party became free. Since then, I joined the committee in 2011, and I took over the volunteer coordinator position from Ann Bollmeier in 2014.

I love being a part of this committee when it comes to all the preparation for this large event. The Block Party is a great way for me to see all of our neighbors gather together with our members to thank them. This event takes the hard work of more than 80 volunteers and over ten committee members, and the continued financial support from everyone. Thank you for allowing this to remain a part of our ministry for so many years.

So, pencil the Block Party on your calendar.
In a time where we often wonder, what can I do? Spending a few hours in community is a great place to start. You, me, a charter or just-joined member, a neighbor, or local mission partner: we are all children of God and we belong together.