One Young Woman’s Journey

From the Maasae Girls Lutheran Secondary School to Washington

Operation Bootstrap Africa (OBA), a Minneapolis-based organization, has been sponsoring educational projects in Tanzania since 1965. OBA recently received an exciting letter from Neema Landey, a 2004 graduate of Maasae Girls Lutheran Secondary School in northern Tanzania. Since graduating from the University of Dar es Salaam, she has been employed by the YWCA of Tanzania.


Neema says, “I am writing to share with you my joy.” She has been selected for the Mandela Washington Fellowship Program, “which is under the office of the President Obama.” This program aims at empowering youth from Africa through academic coursework, leadership training, networking, and mentorship programs. Neema will be participating in two six-week training courses at Duquesne University in Pennsylvania and then will attend a presidential summit for one week in Washington, D.C. She says, “All these could not be possible if not for the seed planted by OBA. I am so thankful and grateful. May the Good Lord bless you all. I hope to share the knowledge and the experience with my community as well as youth in my country.”

Here are some things for you to know about OBA:
  • It was founded in 1965 by the late Reverend J. David Simonson, who left Minnesota to spend his life as a Tanzanian missionary. (CtK Tanzanian travelers still visit his wife Eunice on their trips.) It provides a way for Minnesotans and others to contribute and transfer funding to Tanzanian causes.
  • OBA’s projects include primary, secondary, and post-secondary education, healthcare training and projects, education for children with special needs, and teacher support in Madagascar.
  • Christ the King has been working with and through OBA since the 1980s.
  • OBA is led by Diane Jacoby, and a 12-member board of directors. Current board members include CtK members Gary Floss and Isaac Van Bruggen, as well as Mark and Julie Cutler. Jean Spong is a former board member.
  • OBA also supports the work of our current CtK missionaries, Dr. Mark and Linda Jacobson.
  • You will recognize the names of some of the projects of which OBA is a part: Maasae Girls Lutheran Secondary School, Moringe Sokoine Secondary School, Arusha Lutheran Medical Center, the ALMC School of Nursing, and the Plaster House.

Maasae Girls Lutheran Secondary School celebrated its 20th anniversary last year with events in both Tanzania and Minnesota. It was founded to provide critical educational opportunities to daughters of the Maasae and other semi-nomadic people of Tanzania. Several CtK families have sponsored and are currently sponsoring students there. And now one of those students, Neema Landey, is coming to the United States for training to help bring the light of education to other young Tanzanians. Education does indeed change lives, and we are grateful to be part of that process.

Global Mission Prayer
Dear God, we thank you for over 50 years of blessings on Operation Bootstrap Africa and 20 years on Maasae Girls Lutheran Secondary School. Be with Neema Landey as she travels to America and as she returns to her homeland to share her talents and her knowledge with others.  Continue to guide us as we listen for your voice telling us where your global mission is calling us. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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