Council embraces unified giving approach

In an effort to strengthen and increase the impact of our shared ministry, Christ the King’s Congregation Council has embraced a unified giving approach to congregational stewardship.

We believe that CtK’s core ministries should be adequately funded through our annual Budget for Ministry. Rather than continually seeking to fund these important ministries through special appeals, we commit to support them through regular member giving. Not only will this new approach allow these ministries to be understood as central to our congregational identity and purpose, it will also help change the perception that certain ministries are in competition with one another for financial support.

Benefits to this approach include greater connection to and ownership of these ministries by CtK’s entire membership. Similarly, this approach provides relief to members from the constant stream of special funding appeals, reserving such mechanisms for truly urgent situations (such as responding to natural disasters, for example).

While we recognize that some people will continue to offer some gifts with certain restrictions as to their use from time to time, we hope to reorient congregational giving first and foremost to CtK’s annual Budget for Ministry, as the central expression of the core ministries for which we plan to provide adequate resources.

Practically speaking, this means that no further special appeals for funding will be authorized as of 2016. Furthermore, beginning in 2017 ministry initiatives previously funded by special appeals will need to appear in the Budget for Ministry. During the 2016 transitional year, such programs as SUNNY Lunches, ELCA Scholarships, and Good Samaritan Fund will be funded by the first $25,000 given to the 2016-2019 Capital Appeal, Formed in love. Called to Serve. Here to stay.

This approach will be harmonized with our fundraising policy, currently under review. It is our hope that both restricted giving and fundraising efforts will come to be understood as “over and above” giving rather than options to giving in support of the annual Budget for Ministry.

If you have questions with regard to this approach, you are encouraged to take them up with any of our council members by attending an upcoming monthly Council meeting (Tuesday, June 21 at 6:00 p.m.). You can follow the latest news and events on the Council blog, ctkcouncil.wordpress.com.

Originally published in the June issue of the Herald. Read the complete issue.