Show Us the Way: A Lent Art Collection

Throughout Lent and Holy Week, CtK member Jenny Popp is painting custom pieces of art around the scripture for each Sunday. Check out the full collection in the chapel.


The Way of Lent

Text: Matthew 1-6, 16-21
This first painting was revealed Ash Wednesday and highlights the renewed faith practices, like prayer, we may take up during this season. 


First Sunday of Lent:
The Way through Temptation

Text: Luke 4:1-13 
This second painting was inspired by this text from Luke that tells of Jesus' encounter with the devil in the wilderness. 


Second Sunday of Lent:
The Way of Protection and Blessing

Text: Luke 13:31-35
Just as mother hen gathers her chicks, so to does Jesus gather the world under his protective embrace. 


Fourth Sunday of Lent:
The Way of Reconciliation

Text: Luke 15:11-32
This painting was inspired by the story of the Prodigal Son. 


Fifth Sunday of Lent:
The Way Death to New Life

Text: John 12:1-8
Here, you see Mary Magdalene's hair covering Jesus' feet as she anoints them with perfume. Jesus' other disciples don't understand why she does this. He explains that it is a sign of getting ready to face his own death.