Lean In


By Melodee Rossi, Director of Small Group Ministry

Recently, I was watching “Good Morning America” when Sheryl Sandburg was featured with her new book, Lean In.  Sandburg’s specific message that morning was how her Lean In Circle helped her through the year following the unexpected death of her husband. GMA hosts Amy Robach and Sara Haines also chimed in with their own experiences as a part of a Lean In Circle when Robach was fighting breast cancer a few years ago. While Sandburg’s book and message are specifically dedicated to helping women support each other in reaching their goals, the idea of a Lean In Circle struck me as similar to my own experience at church in my small group.

Every Monday for the last eight years, I have been part of a group. It could be called a Bible study group. It could be called a book study group. It could even be called a Lean In Circle. This group, who happens to be made up of all women, have supported each other through deaths of children, deaths of parents, serious medical diagnoses, financial need, and many other of life’s twists and turns. We not only lean in to each other for support, we also encourage each other to lean into God’s power as we experience each day.

My life is enriched when I am connected to others, and especially others who help me connect to God. So no matter what a group is called, we benefit from leaning in and on to others. My great joy is that I have a great lean in group that also connects me to God.