Are You My Neighbor?

All-Congregation Night

Wednesday, Jan. 20, 6:30-8:00 p.m.

Jesus is born! God is in the neighborhood! But the question is: who are our neighbors, exactly? Are they the people who live down the street, in our city, state, country? Are they people who look, act, and believe like we do? Or, are they something else entirely?

It turns out, Jesus had a lot to say about our neighbors: who they are and how we treat them. Using the parable of the Good Samaritan as our guide, the next All-Congregation Night invites you to explore who our neighbors are through a live, collaborative art experience led by local artist and pastor Steve Thomason. Based on your feedback and artwork, Thomason will create a piece of live art around this theme.

Thomason is currently the associate pastor at Grace Lutheran Church in Andover, an artist, and a self-described “post-Evangelical, missional, neo-Lutheran theologian.” Thomason got his first start with art as a caricaturist at a theme park. Thomason’s art is whimsical, bold, and at times, cartoonish. According to his website, “It is my desire to continually create visual, innovative, educational material for the missional church and anyone seeking to grow in the love and grace of God.”

Mark your calendars for Jan. 20

Join us on Wednesday, Jan. 20 as together we experience the story of the Good Samaritan as you’ve never experienced it before.

Please note: When we say all-congregation, we mean all-congregation. As such, there will be no other Wednesday programming on Jan. 20 (except the $5 Dinner). We invite you to enjoy the meal as a community before joining this all-congregation worship art experience.