Call Committee invites candidates

Your Call Committee is well on its way in the process of finding an Associate Pastor. We have been meeting on Sundays following the last service and have reached the point of inviting candidates to meet and interview with us.

Thank you for bringing us names

We want to thank those of you who submitted names to the Call Committee for consideration. We received six names and forwarded them to the ELCA Saint Paul Area Synod office staff. They vetted each pastoral candidate as to whether they are both interested in and available for this call, as well as, whether or not he or she might be a good match for the position being considered. This match is based on the critical ministry tasks or gifts the Call Committee identified in the Ministry Site Profile.

The top five critical ministry tasks include:
•  Youth and Family Ministry
•  Innovation/Creativity
•  Recruit and Equip Leaders
•  Multicultural Ministry
•  Ministry in Daily Life

There are many other ministry tasks from the 40 options available that are important to the Call Committee (e.g., preaching/worship, teaching). These and other ministry tasks will be explored during the interview process. However, the top five listed above were used by synod staff in identifying applicants that have some of the same interests/gifts in their Rostered Leader Profile (RLP). In particular, we are looking for someone with gifts and experience in faith formation including children, youth, and family ministry, and adult learning. 

Our synod representative, Pastor Justin Grimm, met with us at a recent Sunday meeting to share names of candidates for the committee to consider. He also provided their RLP to review and prepare us for the interview. These interviews will take place the first two weeks after Christmas. It is our prayer that one of these candidates will be the right fit and invited to be our next Associate Pastor. 

What about Pastor Pete?

Many of you have inquired about whether Pastor Peter "Pete" Christ--our current Interim Pastoral Associate--could or would apply for this position. Pastor Pete, after considerable prayer and discernment, has informed both the Saint Paul Area Synod staff and Pastor Peter Hanson that he will not be submitting his name as a candidate for the Associate Pastor call at Christ the King. He is, however, committed to serving the congregation in an interim capacity until our next pastor is called, and will continue supporting us in that role.

Your continued prayers for the work of the Call Committee will be appreciated during the next few weeks as we discern the best candidate.

Marlys Melius, Chairperson
on behalf of the Associate Pastor Call Committee: Gail Gallagher, Nick Halverson, Pastor Peter Hanson, Robert Moreno, Annelise Scamehorn, and Dena Wheeler