Make an Advent Luminaria


In honor of the 2015 Advent theme—How the Light Gets In—we will be creating hundreds of paper luminarias to display in our sanctuary over the four weeks of Advent. Our hope is that over these four weeks our sanctuary will be filled with more and more light culminating on Christmas Eve as we celebrate God’s light coming to earth through the birth of Jesus Christ. 

Making your luminaria

Here are three ways you can construct your luminaria:

1. Use Advent-themed cut out
There are custom-made stencils available for you to use. Trace and cut out the scene on your bag.

2. Fill in the blank
To symbolize Christ’s light shining on, showing, and shaping areas of darkness and brokenness in our lives, you may complete this fill in the blank phrase on your bag filling a place, person, or thing you’d like Christ’s light to shine upon:

“I want Christ’s light to shine on ____________________________________.”

“I want Christ’s light to show ____________________________________.”

“I want Christ’s light to shape ____________________________________.”

For example: “I want Christ’s light to shine on refugees across the world seeking safety for themselves and their families.” or “I want Christ’s light to show me how I can love my enemies.”

3. Create your own design!
Be creative! How do you want to visually represent How the Light Gets In? We have plenty of supplies for you to create a design that is most meaningful to you.

Once you have finished your luminaria, bring them to the office to be placed in the sanctuary for worship on the following Sunday. 

Final notes
  • You can—and are encouraged—to make as many luminarias as you wish!
  • You can make your luminarias at CtK on Sundays and Wednesday or you may bring luminaria bags home with you to make when you have time.
  • If you choose to make your luminarias at home, only bring bags home with you. Leave other supplies here as they are used by different ministries throughout the week.