Call Committee seeks pastor nominations

Dec. 1, 2015

Dear Friends at Christ the King,

While the calling of a pastor is first and foremost God’s activity, God works through the congregation, committees, existing pastors, and the synod staff to call pastors to serve in particular situations and settings in the church.

As members of the Associate Pastor Call Committee, we want to invite our members to participate in the process of calling our next pastor. Through your interactions with friends and relatives involved in other ELCA congregations, you may be aware of a pastor whom you think may fit the ministry of our congregation. If so, we invite you to let the Call Committee know by completing this brief form (PDF) and returning it either via email to marlysmelius@gmail.com, or by bringing it to the CtK office no later than Tuesday, Dec. 8.

This past Sunday, the Call Committee completed the Ministry Site Profile (PDF) for Christ the King Lutheran Church. In this profile, Part III, you can see the specific Leadership Needs identified for the Associate Pastor position. The critical tasks and gifts are aligned with the job description and may be helpful as you consider a candidate to recommend.

Please note: the completion of this form does not guarantee that the person suggested will be on the list of candidates to be interviewed for this call. Any names gathered through this process will be passed along to the synod staff, who have the responsibility for certifying whether the pastor in question is both interested in and available for this call, as well as whether or not he or she might be a good fit for the position that is being considered.

Thank you for participating in this important task.

Marlys Melius, Chairperson
on behalf of the Associate Pastor Call Committee: Gail Gallagher, Nick Halverson, Pastor Peter Hanson, Robert Moreno, Annelise Scamehorn, and Dena Wheeler.