Peter Christ named Interim Pastoral Associate

Following an action of the Council on Friday, Oct. 9, we are happy to announce that we have invited Peter Christ to serve as Interim Pastoral Associate at Christ the King. Peter will begin his service among us during this coming week, and continuing full-time until our new, more permanent Associate Pastor has been called. Officially beginning on Oct. 16, Peter has decided to dive in to ministry at CtK with both feet by agreeing to preach on Sunday, Oct. 18. 

While Peter is not yet ordained (and according to ELCA policies, cannot be ordained into an interim call), he will be authorized by the bishop to serve under the title of “Interim Pastoral Associate,” and as such will be able to fulfill any and all pastoral functions short of presiding at communion or baptism. Since Peter comes highly recommended as a good preacher, worship leader, and teacher, we are convinced that these gifts will be put to good use immediately and throughout the interim period.

His work will include much that was in Pastor Hannah’s portfolio, including supervising the Directors of Children and Family Ministry and Youth and Family Ministry, along with more general oversight of the CYF program. He will preach at least monthly and lead Sunday worship on a regular basis. 

Prior to beginning seminary, Peter owned and operated a restaurant in Red Lodge, MT, an enterprise he continued to manage from a distance during his studies and up until very recently. While in Montana, Peter was certified through a training program for Lay Pastoral Assistants administered by the Montana Synod of the ELCA, after which he served in various pastoral roles in a number of small, rural congregations across Montana. Once at Luther Seminary, he served his internship with Jacob’s Well, a mission congregation in South Minneapolis made up primarily of young adults and young families. He has continued in leadership there since his graduation in 2012. He has proven skills, experience, and interest in the particular tasks of interim work, and as such will play a key role in helping us discover what we might be looking for in our next Associate Pastor and begin moving in that direction.

A Bloomington, MN, native, Peter now lives in Saint Paul with his wife, Anne and their two children, Della and Bjorn. He characterizes himself as a problem-solver, a cheerleader, an idea generator, and a consensus builder. We look forward to having Peter bring these other gifts to his work and to our shared ministry at CtK.

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