What are Faith Steps?


As Christians, we believe every ending, beginning, transition, and moment is an opportunity to claim God’s redemptive and renewing work in the world and in our everyday experiences. Faith Steps are one of the ways we do so at Christ the King. Through this core ministry with our children, youth, and families, we seek to pass on faith and connect rituals of daily life, like prayer and reading the Bible, with the life of the congregation.

Together, we name, mark, teach, gift, and bless children and youth as God’s beloved. Through Faith Steps, we join God in connecting faith with milestones in a young person’s life. Though our Faith Steps directly reach children ages birth through grade 12, all generations are included. We believe that if we want Christian children and youth, we need Christian adults to support and affirm them as they grow in years and in learning.

What Faith Steps are happening this fall?

We look forward to celebrating Faith Steps in worship and in class learning. Upcoming Faith Steps include baptisms that happen in worship throughout the year, My Bible for third graders as they are gifted a new Bible on Oct. 4, the Affirmation of Baptism for our confirmands on Nov. 1, and the Celebration of First Communion that happens on March 6. (See below for more on these steps.) There will be more Faith Steps celebrated in the winter and spring. Our hope is to continue to develop more Faith Steps in the years to come.

How can you support the Faith Steps?

As we remember that we are clothed with compassion and called to put our faith in action, we ask that you support these Faith Steps, even if you don’t have children or grandchildren participating. Make plans to be in worship on the special Faith Step days. Reach out to our young people as they celebrate each milestone. By doing so, you are honoring the baptismal promises you, as a congregation, make every time a child is baptized:

“To take them to church, pray with and for them, teach them right and wrong starting with the Ten Commandments, place in their hands the holy scripture, set an example of what it means to be a disciple of Christ, and teach the child about God’s unconditional love.”

We look forward to the many ways the Holy Spirit is at work through Faith Steps and the ministry of our congregation.

Upcoming Faith Steps

Join us in worship to celebrate these Faith Steps. 

FirstBibleFS-blueMy Bible
Oct. 4, 9:00 a.m., Third grade
At baptism, we promise to place in hands of the baptized the Holy Scriptures. This third grade Faith Step gives each student their own Bible as act of their baptismal promises. Third graders will receive their Bibles at 9:00 a.m. worship.

AffirmationFS-orangeAffirmation of Baptism
Nov. 1,
Confirmation is when a youth affirms their Christian faith. It is the affirmation of their baptismal promises. This Faith Step signifies someone’s desire to follow Christ as an adult member of the church.

FirstCommunionFS-pinkFirst Communion
March 6, Fifth grade
The fifth grade Faith Step includes instruction around the sacramental gift of Holy Communion. Students and their parents attend a three-hour class about what communion is, why we celebrate the sacrament, and then bake communion bread to share with our worshipping community.

Find out more at lifeatctk.org/faithsteps.