Sometimes “thanks” doesn’t go far enough

By Jim Lindstrom, Interim Choir Director

Sunday, February 1 was my first day as Interim Choir Director. I had worked with the Sanctuary Choir once before that day. How was I going to be received? How would they respond to my suggestions and personality? 

Have no fear, God is here. The Sanctuary Choir has been everything I could have imagined. Glory Sound and Christ’s Kingsmen began again and I thank them for their ministry. CtK has been a family to me for the past four months. Thank you seems trite compared to how I feel about the choir, the entire staff, and members of CtK. Candi Phelps was willing to help me get messages sent and deserves my thanks for all she has done. Pastors Peter, Hannah, and Deb have been supportive of my new and crazy ideas. The entire staff at CtK has been wonderful and open. I have marveled at CtK’s way of showing God’s love to the diversity of its members. One huge thank you goes to Carol Hokel, who has always been there to support and encourage me. 

These four months have greatly enriched my life and reenergized me. I have enjoyed the privilege of being a part of CtK’s ministry and thank you all for the marvelous opportunity I experienced.

Jim's last Sunday as Interim Choir Director at CtK was Music Sunday, May 31, 2015. Here are some of the photo highlights from the day. Visit us on Facebook for the complete collection.