Download the 2015 Worship and Music Survey reports


During the spring of 2015, a task force was convened to gather information about how members at Christ the King Lutheran Church envisioned worship. Using surveys (both online and hard copy) and focus groups to collect data, the task force brought together ideas about worship from a wide range of members, in order to better prepare the council, staff, and other church leaders to make decisions about worship options in the future.

From the over 150 pages of raw data, the following reports were created for you to download and read. 

A Brief Summary of the Findings of the Task Force (PDF)
Two pages

Full Report on the Findings (PDF)
15 pages

If you have any questions about the process or results of the task force, please contact one of the task force members: Joel Hoeger, Joann Knuth, Tina Brauer, Peter Hanson, Mark Edwards, Anne Van Bruggen, Jen Miller, and Rollie Martinson.