This Is Life at CtK: Week 2

We are in the second week of our ten-week visual campaign entitled, This is Life at CtK, to help us get to know the new nine mission objectives that have emerged out of the 2013 strategic plan

This week we read: 

Prioritize ministries, letting go of those that do not align with our vision and mission

Most of us know from experience that the more we try to do, the less our capacity becomes to do those things well. The same is true for our congregation and its ministries. Our financial, staff, and volunteer resources are finite and when we try to do too much, we can end up diminishing the impact of essential ministries.

This mission objective requires all of us to take a good look at all of our ministries often through the lens of our vision and having the courage to let go of certain programs—even those that have may have been part of life at CtK for many years. God calls us to focus on what is most important, to remember why we do what we do, and to be good stewards of our resources.

What is This Is Life at CtK?
Each week, look for a new mission objective and, when you see it, ask yourself:

How do I fit into this?
How do I fit the greater mission and ministry of CtK?

The nine mission objectives emerged out of conversations between the council and Pastor Peter in an effort to reinvigorate and integrate the findings of the strategic plan into the mission and ministry of CtK. For more on this process and view the other mission objectives, visit the council page of the website

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