This is Life at CtK

In the spring of 2013, a committee of CtK members began putting together a strategic plan on behalf of the congregation. This plan took a hard look at who we are, who want to be, and how we can get there. In the midst of pastoral and other staffing transitions in the church office, the application of this plan have been put on hold…until now.

After conversations between Pastor Peter and the Congregational Council, we now have nine reinvigorated mission objectives. These objectives honor the spirit of the 2013 Strategic Plan, and at the same time reflect perspectives of Pastor Peter’s pastoral leadership.

Over the next ten weeks, we will be initiating a campaign entitled This is Life at CtK to help you get to know these new nine mission objectives. Each week look for a new mission objective in your What’s Happening email update and in the glass display case outside the office. When you see the image and read the objective, ask yourself these questions: how do I see myself fitting into this? How do I fit into the greater mission and ministry of CtK?

At the end of these ten weeks, the congregation will be invited to the second part of our Annual Meeting on Sunday, May 17 where we will celebrate, reflect, and reevaluate our many vibrant and longstanding programs and begin to imagine ministries as well.

So watch your email and envision Life at CtK with us. 

This week's objective: 


Foster and model a culture that encourages open communication, trust, and transparency.
Creating systems for sharing information, while important, is not enough. We all need to have faith that we are in this together, assuming one another’s best intentions. Leaders will be proactive in seeking input and exhaustive in sharing decisions. Participants will be curious and engaged—asking questions, offering support, and avoiding rumors and innuendo.

How do you see yourself fitting into this? How do you fit into the greater mission and ministry of CtK?