Drawn to the Light

On Wednesday, Jan. 28, 2015, we were joined by the talented Paul Oman. Oman is known throughout the twin cities for live-painting incredible murals as congregations and communities gather together around song and scripture. As he painted on Wednesday, CtK members of of all ages led us in worship, music, and word.

At first it was unclear what exactly the painting depicted. The canvas, mostly white, was dotted with stray pieces of deep blue and red. As readers began to recount the story of the Magi and their quest to find the Christ child, more and more colors were added: deep and dark blues lined the bottom of the canvas and sunny peaches, oranges, and blood reds decorated the center.

Despite the story being told, the songs being sung, and more paint being added, the mural seemed more like a hodgepodge of colors and lines than a distinct image.

Then, as the assembly swelled in a joyful chorus of "Great Is Thy Faithfulness," Oman flipped the canvas! In a single movement, this seemingly random collection of colors suddenly transformed into a scene of the wisemen looking at the city of Bethlehem off in the distance.

In the final songs and words of God, Oman broke the darkness of the dark blue, black, and purple sky with the brightness of the star, bathing the murals inhabitants in light.




As Oman explained following worship, in order paint the bright light of star, he must start with the deep, deep darkness of the sky. So it is true with so many experiences; to experience moments of great light, we sometimes must go through moments of great darkness. But whether we are in times of light or darkness, God is with us. What a gift that is.


The mural entitled "Drawn to the Light" is now on display in the Narthex.

A special thank you to the family and friends of Jacqueline Mullaney. A special memorial gift was made to help make this worship experience possible.

For more from Paul Oman, visit him at paulomanfinart.com

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