Office Renovation: Progress Update

Next time you are at Christ the King, take a minute to peek through the window into the main office where renovation has been underway for the past two weeks.

Office Renovations_1.28.2015

Demolition is complete, cabinetry has been “harvested,” wiring and plumbing have been rerouted and wall studs have gone up. According to the contractors, the new finance, communications, and operations offices, along with the redesigned reception area, will be ready for action by mid-March.

Administrative staff members have taken up temporary residency in some of the back offices, as well as in Trinity 2 and 3.
Office Renovations_1.28.2015-8

Operations and Communications have moved to Trinity 2 and 3. 

Office Renovations_1.28.2015-13Finance now shares an office with Pastor Deb. 

Office Renovations_1.28.2015-11Reception is now in the music office.

As mentioned in the January edition of the Herald, these office renovations have been approved by the Council with input from the property committee and are being financed exclusively by designated funds from the 4M Capital Campaign. Plans for the completed project are on display in the display cases just beyond the office.

Continue checking the website, email, and other communication fro CtK for more updates on our progress. 

Office Renovations_1.28.2015-26
Office Renovations_1.28.2015-21

Office Renovations_1.28.2015-1


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