All Things New: A Vision for Christ the King’s Worship Life


Christ the King has consistently offered a vibrant and diverse worship experience. Our services emphasize high quality music, strong and relevant preaching and a deep connection to the traditions of our faith that also takes seriously the realities of our present-day culture and context. 

We have maintained a commitment to worship rooted in our identity as Lutheran Christians, including our firm emphasis on God’s grace, our commitment to the centrality of Christ, our reliance on the Holy Spirit to strengthen and renew us and our recognition that we are simultaneously saint and sinner. 

Over the years, certain distinctive styles of worship have emerged. Rather than naming, claiming and celebrating our unity through diversity, these distinctions at times have had the tendency to divide our congregation into two separate worshiping groups, distracting us from the truth that our identity is not rooted in our style of worship, but in our new life in Christ.

This year, as we gather around the theme “Woven into a Tapestry of Love,” we will seek to see our shared identity as being one body, made up of many different strands. 

That shared identity, that tapestry, only truly comes into focus as we step back and take a look at the whole, the whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Beginning on Rally Day, Sept. 7, we will offer two worship services at 9 and 10:15 a.m. These two worship experiences will mirror one another, following the same order of worship and liturgical elements. 

We will also continue to actively widen our palette of worship elements, including the use of many and varied musical styles, while honoring the rich worship tradition already in place at CtK. Sunday School will move to 10:15 a.m.

Woven together of diverse strands, Christ the King is a faith community that serves, prays and lives together both on Sunday mornings and during the week. God weaves us together in worship, in life and in community. 

We are not a church of “either/or,” we are a church of “many/and.”

By creating worship services that are not restricted by labels, we open ourselves up to listen to God who calls us into new, abundant life together.


Pr. Peter Hanson

Will services be traditional or contemporary? 

Yes! Christian worship needs to be linked in some form or another to our shared historic faith, while at the same time responsive to the needs and experiences of people in our day and age. We are called to embrace both of these things in our worship life. 

Will there still be Sunday school? 

Yes! Our church has worked hard to make sure  Sunday school is a vibrant and faith-filled place that welcomes and teaches all that they are beloved children of God. Sunday School, including adult faith formation opportunities, will be held during the 10:15 a.m. worship time, giving members of all ages the option of worshiping at 9 a.m. and being involved in education at 10:15 a.m. 


Will there still be “Growing Together” Sundays? 

Yes! There will be Growing Together Sundays, Global Mission Sunday, interactive sermons, Local Mission Partners Sunday, Drawn into the Word, and things we haven’t even come up with yet!

Will there be fellowship opportunities (coffee and donuts)? 

Yes! Coffee and donuts (and other healthy snacks) will be available before, during and after worship, from about 8:30-11:45 a.m., to encourage everyone who enters our doors to interact with each other and get to know the diverse fabric that is Christ the King.